Yoga for Athletes


Most athletes are aware that stretching and flexibility are critical components of physical fitness however they don't take the time to do this for themselves. Adding a weekly yoga class to their exercise regimen is extremely beneficial to their performance and overall health. Yoga is more than just stretching. Incorporating breath awareness and control, with body awareness, and connecting movement with breath helps athletes to be more in-tune with their bodies. In addition, practicing mindfulness during the yoga class helps athletes to make connections with specific muscle groups and the body as a whole.


There are many benefits of incorporating yoga into an athlete's routine including improved focus, balance, power, flexibility, core strength and increased performance. 


Often times athletes don't come to yoga until they have experienced an injury. Getting athletes involved in yoga as part of their weekly training could be the missing link to their success. Whether you are a runner, cyclist, swimmer, golfer, football, baseball, or soccer player, yoga CAN benefit you.  Workouts are specifically designed to meet an athlete's needs. Contact us to for help deciding which yoga class is best for you.


Below are a couple of articles that highlight the benefits of Yoga for Athletes.