Studio Etiquette

Please keep the following in mind as you arrive.


  • One of the benefits of practicing yoga is an increase in awareness. As we practice, we are especially in tune with our sense of smell, we are more aware of odors, fragrances, and smoke. Please consider practicing in clean clothing that is void of the smell of fried foods, perfumes, colognes, and smoke.

  • Wear comfortable stretchy clothing. Layers are good as you warm the body and cool it down.

  • Shoes are removed in the reception area outside the yoga studio and placed in the cubbies. Socks may be worn in the studio; however, it is recommended to practice in bare feet.

  • Please silence your phone and leave your phone and personal belongings in a cubby in the reception area. Doors are locked during each class.

How early should I arrive before the scheduled class starts?


  • If this is your first time at Breathe Yoga, we encourage you to arrive 15 minutes early to meet the instructor and to fill out a waiver. 


  • In general, please arrive a few minutes early to class so you can get set up and use the restroom. For security purposes, the doors are locked when the class begins.

What do I need to know prior to any Yoga or Hot Yoga class?


Recently, personal hygiene has become a "hot topic" in several classes, especially hot yoga classes. As we ramp up these practices, making them more challenging, more sweat and body odor smells are likely. The following are important items to consider before any yoga class, especially Hot Yoga. 


Have I showered within last 24 hours?
Let's face it, hot yoga can get a little funky. We are deliberately trying to elicit the sweat response which can create body odor. If you haven't showered recently this odorous side-effect is compounded significantly. When you come to class, come clean!

Am I wearing deodorant?
Please apply an unscented deodorant. Do not wear perfume or scented lotions.

Is my yoga mat clean?
Your mat can be a haven for bacteria so it should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Sometimes your mat can smell worse than anything else. If you use one of ours, please clean it before and after practice. 

Am I wearing proper clothing?
Some clothing and fabrics are not hot yoga friendly. Instead, they collect and harbor bacteria that is difficult to wash out. There are plenty of companies who make clothes specific to hot yoga for this reason (i.e. lululemon, their in store associates do a great job of helping you find the right fabrics for specific activities).

Am I healthy?
Please do not come to class if you are unwell. While hot yoga may help flush out toxins, keep in mind others are breathing deeply along with you. This is not an appropriate environment to be in if you are in an infectious or contagious condition.


Please keep this information in mind when attending all of our Breathe Yoga classes. Practicing yoga has many wonderful effects on the body and mind. When we practice being more aware of our breath and our bodies, our other senses become heightened as well. Our goal at Breathe Yoga is to provide a safe space for our community to move together, BREATHE together, and connect. We appreciate your consideration!