Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yoga?


  • The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word 'yuj' which means 'union'. Yoga has many limbs and facets however the primary limb of yoga that we practice are poses or postures that help us to connect, relax, breathe and stretch our bodies. Yoga is all about creating balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility.

What kind of yoga do you practice at Breathe?


  • We primarily practice Hatha Yoga. The word Hatha comes from the root words 'Ha' meaning sun and 'Tha' meaning moon. Hatha yoga is a path toward creating balance and uniting opposites. In our physical bodies we develop a balance of strength and flexibility. We also learn to balance our effort and surrender in each pose. There are several different styles of yoga that fall under the umbrella of Hatha Yoga, examples include Vinyasa, Restorative, Ashtanga, Gentle and Yin.

I have never taken a yoga class before. How do you know where to start?


  • If you have never taken a yoga class try our Yoga Basic Fundamentals class taught weekly. This is BASICally Yoga 101, consisting of  the basic poses, yoga terms and traditions with the goal of  building confidence. Several times per year we offer an Intro to Yoga workshop. You can look for those under the workshop tab. Read more about our Yoga 101 classes.

What if I have taken a yoga class a long time ago, but I am not sure I am ready to jump in with both feet?


  • Try any of the following: Gentle Yoga, Basic Yoga, Basic Flow, Stretch and Flow, Restorative Yoga  all would be considered a Level One class that would be suitable for beginners or those who are coming back to their practice.

What does Yoga for EveryBody mean?


  • This is our "All Levels" yoga class for every person and all body types. In these classes we offer lots of options,  generally beginning with light meditation and breathing practice, gentle stretches followed by standing, seated,  balance and relaxation poses. Modifications are offered all along the way, listen to your body and move in a way that feels good to you and honors your body.

Do I have to be flexible to practice yoga?


  • Absolutely not! One of the best benefits of yoga is gaining flexibility, meeting the body wherever it is and creating overall health.  

Is yoga a religion?


  • No, yoga is not a religion. It is a philosophy that began in India an estimated 5,000 years ago. There are ancient texts that provide a framework for spiritual growth and mastery over the physical and mental body. Yoga sometimes interweaves other philosophies such as Hinduism or Buddhism, but it is not necessary to study those paths in order to practice yoga.

How often should I practice yoga?


  • The answer to this question just depends on your goals. To receive the maximum benefits from your yoga practice coming 4 or more times a week is advised but many of our practitioners come 2-3 times per week and they notice a real difference in strength and balance.  

What do I need to get started?


  • We suggest clothing that is fitted and comfortable. Typical clothes that you would exercise in. Yoga is practiced barefoot. You can bring a mat if you have one or we  have some to share. Once you fall in love with yoga you can buy a mat and we are happy to help.


  • You can sign up online (under the class schedule tab), buy your classes and reserve your spot in class there. Make sure you get to the studio at least 10 minutes before your first class so we can show you the ropes!

Can I bring water? Should I eat before I come?


  • Yes you can bring water. We suggest that you practice yoga 1-2 hours after eating.  We often practice twisting postures or forward bends that would make it uncomfortable if you have a full belly.

How much does yoga cost?


  • If you are new to our studio, try our New Yogi Special! Everyone gets to purchase this package once!  For 21 days, you can take an unlimited number of classes for $49. Visit our Schedule page to see the variety of classes that we offer (including classes suitable for beginners). You can also visit our Prices page for more information.

What if I still have questions?


  • Don’t hesitate to call us if you need help with anything in regards to your yoga practice. We look forward to meeting you and can't wait to have you as part of our  Breathe Yoga Family!


  • Our email is or call us at the studio 678–861–6977 and leave us a message we WILL call you back!

I'm new to Breathe Yoga. What is the studio's etiquette?


  • One of the benefits of practicing yoga is an increase in awareness. As we practice, we are especially in tune with our sense of smell, we are more aware of odors, fragrances, and smoke. Please consider practicing in clean clothing that is void of the smell of fried foods, perfumes, colognes, and smoke.

  • Wear comfortable stretchy clothing. Layers are good as you warm the body and cool it down.

  • Shoes are removed in the reception area outside the yoga studio and placed in the cubbies. Socks may be worn in the studio; however, it is recommended to practice in bare feet.

  • Please silence your phone and leave your phone and personal belongings in a cubby in the reception area. Doors are locked during each class.

  • Read more over at Studio Etiquette.

I want to try Hot Yoga. What do I need to know beforehand?


I don't have a yoga mat. Can I borrow one?


  • Absolutely! We have many different yoga mats for students to borrow or "try out" during class free of charge. Jade Yoga Mats are available for purchase at our studio.

How early should I arrive before the scheduled class starts?


  • If this is your first time at Breathe Yoga, we encourage you to arrive 15 minutes early to meet the instructor and to fill out a waiver. 


  • In general, please arrive a few minutes early to class so you can get set up and use the restroom. For security purposes, the doors are locked when the class begins.

Leaving Early


  • Leaving early is disruptive to students. Please plan to stay for the whole class. Teachers will honor your schedule by making an effort to always end on time.

Does Breathe Yoga provide child care?


  • We do not provide child care for classes. For liability reasons, children are not allowed to wait in the lobby while participants are in class. Thank you for your understanding.

I have special conditions. What do I need to tell my instructor?


  • Be sure to inform your instructor if you have any special health concerns or medical conditions. We are happy to provide modifications to almost all postures and exercises. Always advise if you are pregnant, think you may be pregnant, or are post partum.