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Who We Are

We are a community-focused yoga studio located in the South Forsyth area. We pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of yoga classes that are safe and accessible to every body. 

Our mission at breatheYOGA Atlanta is to inspire you to move better, breathe better, and feel better in your body.​

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Planning Your Visit

We cannot wait to meet you! Whether you are new to yoga or have a seasoned practice, we are delighted that you have chosen Breathe Yoga.


Please consider the following when planning your class attendance:

  • Arrive 10 minutes early to sign in and get settled on your mat before class starts.

  • Silence your cell phones and other electronic devices.

  • Place your personal items in the cubbies in the lobby. The door will be locked during class time to ensure our safety.

  • Because practicing yoga can lead to an increase in awareness, we kindly ask that you consider practicing in clean clothing that is void of strong fragrances, smoke, or other odors.

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What our students are saying about Breathe Yoga

I just want to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!
Long story short....3 years ago I suffered from a severe training accident which left me immobilized and strapped to a hospital bed for nearly 6 months. I lost total use of my legs from the hips down. The rehabilitation journey has proven to be one of the most intense and challenging moments of my life. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. DAILY I must do mobility drills and other exercises just to maintain normal function. I tell you that to say this....I recently attended a Yoga Tune Up class with Lauren. Within 30 minutes I had more flexibility and better mobility than I’ve had in over 3 YEARS!!!.....I don’t just give Lauren & Breathe Yoga 5 Stars....I give them ALL THE ⭐️’s!! Again.....THANK YOU. 🙏❤️

- Shon Westfall


You will NOT regret coming to this yoga studio! Owners Lauren and Peggy are wonderful. The teachers are welcoming and knowledgeable. I started my yoga journey here seven years ago, having never been on a mat before, and kept coming back because of the warm, smiling faces of the people here and the strong sense of community this places offers. No matter if you come once a week or twice a day, you will get so much out of the classes here.

- Anna Greer

I am 63 years old. Through Breathe Yoga Atlanta I have learned how important it is, at any age, to keep moving your body. Because of the wonderful instructors at Breathe Yoga I am able to do things now that I couldn’t do when I first started coming here. One of the things that the instructors stress is to listen to your body, which I do. And yet, with each class I discover something new that I can do and that makes me incredibly happy. The people and classes at Breathe Yoga are phenomenal and literally cover everything from head to toes.

- Sheryl Heller


Thank you so much!
I can’t say enough about my experience at Breathe this past year. I have absolutely loved every class I’ve taken and have met so many awesome people.
Thank you for changing my life. I was in physical and emotional pain when I began taking yoga classes. My life has greatly improved doing yoga and learning some amazing techniques for meditating and relaxing.
My body and mind thank you and your amazing yogis. (A special shout of to Tami’s amazing gentle/meditation class)

- Lori Objartel

Wonderful community of people. Excellent, creative teachers and a practice level for everyone!

- Sissy M

Lauren and her team have created a special place at Breathe Yoga where everyone from beginner to advanced yogi feel welcome and comfortable. There are classes for all levels and the appropriate level of support is provided as you advance through your practice.

- Dennis Cassel

Sunrise yoga is the best way to start my day! I leave class in a positive mood, energized for the day. When I can't make it to Sunrise, there are great classes mid-morning & in the evening. All the instructors are very welcoming and make class challenging, meaningful and fun. I'm so glad I found Breathe yoga when I moved to Atlanta. I can't imagine finding a more welcoming group of people.

- Molly Reilly

Love everything about OUR Breathe Yoga community! There are so many class options and times available to round out my practice, from core to meditation and everything in between.The wonderful owners and teachers have created such a warm and encouraging environment of yoga friends!

- Cheryl Finamore

Warm, Welcoming & Knowledgeable Staff/Instructors/Owners. They offer a variety of classes and workshops. Always very helpful and patient. If you come from an athletic background, this is not just a "Yoga Studio", this is a place to heal/recover/thrive and learn how to help yourself. Plus you will also meet some new friends.

- Carla Lundy

I went to my first yoga class yesterday and loved it. I am NOT flexible, some call me clutsy. But this beginner class was wonderful. The instructor, Christie, explained the poses and what they were doing for your body. She also showed modifications, if you are having difficulty maintaining the poses. I have a lot to work on, but this was a great stress reliever.
The studio is clean and welcoming. Also, you may borrow mats and their equipment if you don't have one of your own. I highly recommend Breathe Yoga!!!!

- Melanie Barrow

I love this place! They have created such a wonderful yoga community. The team is amazing - from the check-in desk to all of the instructors - they genuinely care and make you feel very comfortable and loved. I was lucky enough to go everyday at 8am for the 6 months I lived in GA. Tami puts so much love into each class and they all have a special theme each week; both Shannon's are great; David brings it on Sundays, but you must come on Wednesdays for core strength and Fridays with the one and only Lauren Reese! Look forward to seeing everyone on my next visit to GA!

- Gregg L.

I'm so grateful for Breathe Yoga! I never know what to expect with regards to the movement my body will experience or the message my brain will receive during each class, but EVERY TIME it turns out to be exactly what I needed. The instructors are excellent and truly make each experience a special one. It's the perfect place to take time to honor yourself.

- G. Moss

I am so thankful to have found Breathe!! I have practiced yoga sporadically over the years, but have never felt a true connection to my practice. However, every instructor at Breathe is exceptional and infectious! Each brings something special to their practice and they are always willing to help you improve your own. I always leave feeling amazing! I can’t recommend Breathe enough!

- Anonymous

This is my second home! All the teachers are very knowledgeable and caring. Large variety of classes are offered but some of my favorites are Sunrise Yoga and any Yoga for Everybody class. Everyone who practices here is very friendly and encouraging. The owners, Lauren and Peggy, are two incredible ladies with a passion for yoga and for their students' to become strong and grow in their practice. Definitely worth visiting!

- A. S.

As an avid cyclist I first came to Breath Yoga to improve my core strength. Having never been in a Yoga studio before I had no idea what to expect. I could not have been more pleasantly surprised. From my very first class I was made to feel both welcome, and accepted completely by every teacher and my fellow students. Peggy and Lauren have established an inviting, energetic environment in which to practice this beautiful craft. Every class is a little different and never boring. Every teacher offers a challenging class, without being judgmental or intimidating. I am so happy to have found Breathe Yoga, and to now be a part or the Breathe family.

- Anonymous

Whether you are new to yoga or have been doing yoga for years, Breathe Yoga is a wonderful studio! There's a great variety of classes with instructors who have their own beautifully unique style of teaching. I've enjoyed each one I've tried. Breathe Yoga is a welcoming, positive environment where the owners and instructors make an effort to get to know you. Going to a yoga class here always makes my day better!

- L. S.

Absolutely Fantastic Yoga Studio...all in one package with amazing teachers who teach with complete passion and care. Anyone with or without the Yoga background can join & reap the benefits and grow from where they are !! Commendable focus on strength & stability...everyone can bask in from this place. A MUST TRY !! Thank you Peggy & Lauren !!

- Niddhi M

I've been practicing yoga on and off for many years. Breathe is by far one of the best studios I've ever practiced at. The studio is clean and very serene. And the teachers are fantastic. They offer a variety of classes that fit my schedule. I love the workshops that are offered and am looking forward to the Yoga Retreat. I highly recommend Breathe. 

- A. T. | Suwanee


Fun, flexible, and a family feeling. You don't feel like a number. All the instructors make sure you get the most out of your practice and make numerous modifications for anyone with any physical issues. Love it at Breathe Yoga!

- Anonymous


Love practicing at Breathe! Great variety of classes, creative, gifted instructors and a welcoming community of practitioners.

- m cast


Love, love, love Breathe Yoga! Can't say enough good things about the instructors I've had the privilege of practicing with. Also love the variety and availability of all the classes. I'm hooked...

- L.P. |Cumming


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